Meet the Team

UWALK is an initiative administered by Alberta Health Services as part of our work to prevent chronic disease through the promotion of physical activity. UWALK was originally developed by the University of Alberta with funding from the Alberta Government. Alberta Health Services took over the administration of UWALK as of January, 2018. We would like to recognize and thank the University of Alberta for their high-quality, innovative promotion of physical activity and the development of UWALK.

Research Advisory Board 2013-2017

Dr. Tanya Berry

Associate Professor, University of Alberta

Dr. Valerie Carson

Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed

Associate Professor, University of Calgary

Dr. Mitch Duncan

Research Fellow, Central Queensland University

Dr. Christina Loitz

Knowledge Translation Specialist, University of Alberta

Dr. Gavin McCormack

Assistant Professor, University of Calgary

Dr Tara-Leigh McHugh

Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Dr. John Spence

Professor University of Alberta

Dr. Jeffrey Vallance

Assistant Professor, Athabasca University


Community Advisory Board 2013-2017

Alberta Centre for Active Living

Alberta Health Services: Healthy Living, Population and Public Health

Alberta Recreation & Parks Association

Alberta Culture and Tourism

City of Edmonton: Walkable Edmonton

Edmonton Public Library

Ever Active Schools

Paralympic Sports Association

Provincial Fitness Unit of Alberta

Red Deer Primary Care Network


Stantec Consulting Ltd