Walking Posters

Print these posters and post them in your home, office, school, or wherever you could use a reminder to get moving!

To customize these posters with your organization's branding, or to receive other file types, please email

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Step Climbing Posters

Print out these posters and put up near your stairs!

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Climb your way to better health.JPG

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Stair Climbing Posters

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Stair Poster 1_1.jpg  Stair Poster 2.jpg Stair Poster 3.jpg  Stair Poster 4.jpg

Stair Poster 5.jpg  Stair Poster 6.jpg

Stair Poster 7.jpg  Stair Poster 8.jpg

Stair Poster 9_1.jpg  Stair Poster 10.jpg

Stair Poster 11.jpg  Stair Poster 12.jpg

Stair Poster 13.jpg  Stair Poster 14_2.jpg

Stair Poster 15.jpg  Stair Poster 16.jpg

Stair Poster 17.jpg  Stair Poster 18.jpg

Stair Poster 19.jpg  Stair Poster 20.jpg

Door Hangers

Contact for printing information.

image-1.jpg  door hanger front.jpg